I’D LIKE to start off my notes by thanking everyone for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received following the idea of m-FireWorld. The process has not been smooth exactly, but we are learning as we go and I’m thrilled that not one person has discouraged us!

We are still working on the Website www.m-fireworld.com , and I am happy to announce that we would launch it by December 25th 2017. Having only little over three months to develop and make available the mobile Application and Website, it was with some trepidation that we reached up to our Developement of the architecture. To our joy plenty developing team too listened to our ideas carefully and encouraged us to work on this project.

Thank you to all the friends, well wishers, knowledge providers and developer team involved in the Project of m-FireWorld.

m-FireWorld is a group of professionals in the Fire Industry, gathered together to foster a spirit of safe living among all citizens of India, in particular and the Universe as a whole; and inculcate a proactive mind-set towards safety and security at all times.

We would try and address the concerns and common issues of the society, mainly pertaining to the Fire and Safety. We would explore and encourage all the avenues for creating a safe and fire- free World.
We know that there are many professional friends here to encourage us in this endeavor. If you have any queries, suggestions about Subjects or presentations, participation requests, you are most welcome. Let us work together in this Area and make our world Safe and Secure.

We would keep you posted through this blog all the developments of this wonderful project.

You can find all full details on this and all the other session on our website www.m-fireworld.com too once it is ready.

Our Product Coverage:




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